Say It Ain’t So, Wily Mo

Red Sox Manager Terry Francona says that while CF Wily Mo Pena hastrouble with the glove, he more than makes up for it with his bat.

"He’s not a prototypical centerfielder," Francona said when asked how
Pena would fill the void left by injured starter Coco Crisp. "I do think
his offensive production will outweigh the tough chances in center

Francona didn’t say anything about horseshoes, as he might not be aware
that his husky outfielder has been the luckiest hitter in baseball this
season. Hitting .308, PROTRADE’s Moneyball Valuation system says he
should be hitting just .173.

Keep in mind that playing in Fenway puts Pena in the best position to be
"lucky" as 350 yard fly balls to left aren’t hits in many other parks
but clearly the Sox will need Pena to step up his performance even more.

Last week, we showed you how fans can figure out which players really
should be feeling lucky. Here’s our second installment of PROTRADE’s
lucky/unlucky Top Ten.

PROTRADE’s Lucky Ten
  Player PT AVG   AVG 
1 Wily Mo Pena (BOS) .173 .308
2 John Rodriguez (STL) .292 .380
3 Trot Nixon (BOS) .224 .307
4 Ben Broussard (CLE) .328 .400
5 Hanley Ramirez (FLA) .244 .315
6 Willy Taveras (HOU) .216 .286
7 Eric Hinske (TOR) .245 .311
8 Willie Bloomquist (SEA) .261 .327
9 Omar Infante (DET) .212 .268
10 Gerald Laird (TEX) .269 .325
PROTRADE’s Unlucky Ten
  Player PT AVG   AVG 
1 Aubrey Huff (TB) .263 .156
2 Yadier Molina (STL) .265 .165
3 Edgardo Alfonzo (LAA) .208 .114
4 Barry Bonds (SF) .329 .236
5 Juan Uribe (CWS) .267 .178
6 Tony Clark (ARI) .236 .149
7 Eric Young (SD) .295 .209
8 Russell Branyan (TB) .262 .179
9 David Bell (PHI) .330 .252
10 Luis Matos (BAL) .196 .119

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