Feeling lucky?

Chicago White Sox SS Juan Uribe is in an early-season hitting slump, spending much of April below the proveribal Mendoza Line before wrapping the month at a sub-Mark Belanger-esque .167.

Would you believe Uribe if he gave the excuse that he’s been just plain unlucky?

Would you believe me?

Because baseball is a game of inches. And because here at PROTRADE we’ve mapped every one of them, charting every batted ball in the majors over the past four years, calculating the probability that given their direction and distance, they become hits, I can quantify and confirm what Uribe is feeling.

Indeed Juan, you’ve been unlucky.

That’s unlucky, as in considering the balls he’s hit how they turn out in the majors on average, Uribe should be hitting more than 100 points higher– or .277.

At least he doesn’t suffer alone: The Angels’ Edgardo Alfonzo, Padres’ Eric Young, Cardinals’ Yadier Molina, and A’s Mark Ellis all also ended April below .200.

On the flipside, Boston’s Manny Ramirez, Arizona’s Chris Snyder, and Houston’s Willy Taveras should all be hitting below .200 but aren’t. Perhaps they did good works in the off-season.

Look to this space throughout the season for weekly PROTRADE’s Lucky/Unlucky updates. And if you see Jim Tracy, ask him what Freddy Sanchez needs to do to crack that Pittsburgh lineup.

PROTRADE’s Unlucky Ten

Player BA PT BA
1- Edgardo Alfonzo (LAA) .125 .287
2- Barry Bonds  (SF) .250 .396
3- Juan Uribe (CWS) .167 .277
4- Eric Young  (SD) .176 .286
5- Freddy Sanchez (PIT) .352 .458
6- Eduardo Perez (CLE) .300 .403
7- Yadier Molina (STL) .149 .245
8- David Bell (PHI) .247 .334
9- Albert Pujols (STL) .329 .416
10- Mark Ellis (OAK) .185 .269

PROTRADE’s Lucky Ten

Player BA PT BA
1 -Brad Ausmus (HOU) .358 .229
2- John Rodriguez (STL) .424 .302
3- Mark Bellhorn (SD) .316 .193
4- Chris Burke (HOU) .400 .278
5- Prince Fielder (MIL) .343 .236
6- Chris Snyder (ARI) .273 .171
7- Willy Taveras (HOU) .265 .170
8- Kevin Youkilis (BOS) .293 .200
9- Manny Ramirez (BOS) .289 .198
10- Trot Nixon (BOS) .303 .218 

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