Keep score… like a financier

Would you invest with a money manager who likes Microsoft shares because Bill Gates is a friend? How about a Texo-centric fund that buys Dell because it’s homegrown? Or a St. Louis short seller who fades Tribune Corp. because it owns the Cubs– and he bleeds Cardinals red?

Of course you wouldn’t.

That we don’t have such choices when it comes to growing our investment portfolios is a testament to the fact that the market rewards, and thus attracts, objective decision-making. When real money is an end, emotion-soaked stock picking has a short shelf life.

So what does this have to do with baseball?

Here at PROTRADE, our goal has been to develop a useful alternative to the reigning subjectivity that dominates questions of sport. Who’s the most talented hitter or baserunner? The worst third baseman? The best pitcher in baseball?

Truth-seeking sports fans that we are, we weren’t finding the answers in grudge-laden, know-it-all commentary or the endless breadth of traditional baseball statistic-ry. Lies and **** lies notwithstanding, when it came to baseball analysis, we found it virtually impossible to get to black and white.

Then we remembered the market.

Centered around hard dollars and cents that lead to genuine return, markets speak truth plainly and clearly. If baseball is built around runs leading to wins, why cannot they do the same for America’s Favorite Pastime?

At PROTRADE, we figured that supply and demand could generate sincerity. With this in mind, our one-of-a-kind "marketplace" of professional athletes is built to resemble a trading pit.

Hunting for their own "returns" in our competitive challenges, PROTRADE members buy and sell player "shares" across multiple leagues, including MLB, weighing in on the reigning debate, if with real consequences.

Wondering who’s really hot or not in the majors? Check out our daily trading volumes. Want to analyze a particular player? Go to PROTRADE and study his chart. Think you can see the future? Build your own player portfolio and prove yourself right.

Or wrong. Not that you’ll be worse off for the experience.

Markets speak truth, and the truth sets us free. Even in sports.